Duration: Flexible
Lessons: 60 min/lesson - minimum 2 hours/week
Lessons may be taken at the school or place of work
Level: All levels available
Class size: Individual to a maximum of six participants
Description: Our company courses are tailored to the specific needs of the customer. They are aimed at clients who need to improve their level of Italian in a short period of time to assist them with their work. They are ideal for clients from a particular profession or field and are organised as follows:
The company/individual and the school meet to develop a detailed needs-analysis.
The school then draws up a linguistic programme including a timeline designed to accommodate the number of hours required to reach the goal defined.
  Individual tuition
These classes are suited to professionals and executives and tailored to meet their specific needs. They are designed for the student who needs to focus on specific aspects of the language and wants to make rapid progress in the shortest possible time.
  Group lessons
These are tailored to a maximum of six participants to optimise results. They are ideal for teams with homogeneous linguistic competency sharing similar needs in their field of work. Classes simulate working situations in Italian, such as negotiating, taking part in a meeting or presenting products to an international forum.

Course schedules and starting dates are flexible. Our passion is to see organisations and individuals improve their performance through the effective use of language skills, so if your company is thinking of investing in language training we would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements.